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Bittern B5 infill well

In Q4 2020, using the Stena Spey drilling rig, the existing Bittern B2 wellbore was successfully abandoned to enable the drilling and completion of a side-track, the B5 well. The objective of the well was to access undrained reserves at the structural crest of the Bittern field. The abandonment, drilling and completion operations were performed safely, ahead of schedule and 15% below budget. The Upper Bittern and Lower Bittern reservoir intervals were proven to be un-swept resulting in a gross oil column of approx. 130ft.

The B5 well is a subsea tieback to the Triton FPSO and early production data from the well is encouraging with initial rates in excess of 5,000 barrels of oil per day.

The image shown is the B5 Christmas tree undergoing final checks before deployment.