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Increasing Conwy Field Production

Conwy, which was a Tailwind asset from 2018-2021, was originally developed with three producers, a single water injector to maintain reservoir pressure and a condensate injector to dispose of condensate which could not be processed at Douglas. In practise, little condensate was reinjected into Conwy since start-up in 2016, hence the opportunity to convert the condensate injector into a second water injector was studied in 2018.

The Conversion of Condensate Injection (“CCI”) project began as a field trial in December 2018 with the aim of establishing whether or not a second water injector would provide increased pressure support to the three producers. Following the successful trial, project design engineering began in February 2019, with offshore construction and commissioning completing in November the same year. The project took 3700 offshore man-hours to complete at a cost of £1.3 million.

Production rates were increased by 25%. The additional reservoir pressure also reduced the likelihood of the electric submersible pumps failing by moving the operating parameters into a more optimal zone. The production decline was arrested adding an estimated 1.5 million barrels of reserves.