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Gannet E re-development

The Gannet E field was originally produced via the Gannet A platform, but was shut-in during 2011 due to integrity issues in the production flowline. In 2018, Gannet E was re-developed as a tieback to the Triton FPSO. The project was safely executed within budget and all three production wells were successfully bought back online in October 2018.

Initial 2018 flush production rates of over 10 kb/d stabilised by mid 2019 to approx. 6 kb/d, well above expected oil rates as seen in 2011. It appears the production of Gannet E wells with gaslift rather than ESP have resulted in slightly lower watercut and hence higher oil rates.

Given the positive results of the field redevelopment, Tailwind are evaluating further value adding opportunities such as flowline de-bottlenecking, infill drilling and well interventions.