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Tailwind’s senior accountant, Phil, checking under the bonnet.  Phil said ‘I was surprised by the speed and almost complete lack of noise from these cars’

Tailwind supporting solar cars

30th September 2021

Several members of the Tailwind team spent a day to see our sponsorship in action. Steve Edwards, Tailwind’s CEO, said ‘It was great for us at Tailwind to finally meet up with the latest generation of Durham University (DUEM) students and also the alumni of the team who were out in force at Dunsfold Aerodrome which is home of the Top Gear track.

First off, the car itself is an impressive piece of design and engineering. More strikingly for me was to see that every facet of the car was executed in-house from design to manufacture using exotic materials and processes that are normally the preserve of Formula 1 teams and the aerospace industry. It was good to see the car run even under cloudy skies and was moving at a surprisingly quick pace around the airfield.

The professional setup and back-up organisation are a testament to the folks in the DUEM team and we’re proud to have Tailwind alongside DUEM in its aims’.