Columbus Overview

Columbus Working Interest

The Columbus Field is located in Blocks 23/16f and 23/11a, the field area is approximately 35km northeast of the Shell-operated Shearwater Field. The field is a gas-condensate accumulation in the Forties Sandstone Formation and has been fully appraised by four wells. Other parties in the Columbus Field are Serica Energy plc (“Serica”) as operator and Endeavour Energy UK Limited (“Endeavour”).

On the 31st of October 2018, the OGA approved the Field Development Plan submitted by Serica. The Columbus field will be drained by a single subsea well which will be connected to the approved Arran-Shearwater pipeline, with first gas is expected in 2021.. The horizonal well will be drilled north-to-south and will be completed with a subsea wellhead. The well will be tied-back to the Arran-Shearwater pipeline via a subsea manifold and Columbus production will be exported along with Arran Field production. Once at Shearwater, production will separated into gas and liquids and exported separately.

columbus infastructure.PNG