Triton Area Overview

The Triton Area consists of six producing oil fields developed via common infrastructure in the UK Central North Sea, located approximately 190km east of Aberdeen in water depths of 90m. The six fields currently producing oil and gas via the Triton FPSO, are Bittern, Guillemot West, Guillemot Northwest, Clapham, Pict and Saxon. Dana Petroleum Limited ("Dana") and Endeavour Energy Limited (''Endeavour'') are our partners in the Triton cluster. Dana currently operate the Triton FPSO along with the Clapham, Saxon, Pict and Guillemot West fields. Following the recent Tailwind transaction with Shell/Esso,  Dana now also operate the Bittern field. Tailwind is operator of the Gannet E Field, with Dana as pipeline operator and Petrofac as well operator. Tailwind also operate the Belinda/Evelyn discoveries with Petrofac as well operator.


Triton FPSO

The Triton FPSO represents the infrastructure hub for the Triton Area. The vessel was a new-build double hull tanker fabricated in 1997. The Triton FPSO was installed in 2000 as a part of the combined development of the Bittern field, Guillemot West field and Guillemot Northwest field known as the ‘’Triton Project’’.

Since it was developed, Dana (the operator) has carried out a number of initiatives focussed on integrity and reliability which has significantly improved the performance of the Triton FPSO. The successful execution of these maintenance activities ensures the Triton FPSO is in good condition going forward to accommodate future infill and tie-back opportunities. At the start of 2018, Triton was producing ~20kb/d oil for the JV partners.

Triton FPSO Working Interest

Triton Fields Overview

Triton infastructure.PNG

Bittern Field:

The Bittern oil and gas field is located in Blocks 29/1a and 29/1b, 22km south-east of the Triton FPSO. The field was discovered in 1996 and was developed with five production wells and two water injection wells tied-back to the Triton FPSO, with first production in April 2000.

Guillemot West & North West Field:

The Guillemot West and Northwest Fields were developed in conjunction with the Bittern Field as a part of a combine development known as the Triton Project, with production commencing from all three fields in April 2000.

Gannet E Field:

The Gannet E oil and gas field is situated in Block 21/30c and was discovered in 1982. The field was subsequently developed via three production wells tied-back to the Gannet Alpha platform, with first production in 1998. In 2011, the pipeline suffered a leak which has led to the field being shut-in for the past 7 years.

The Gannet E redevelopment concept consisted of reconfiguring the installed subsea facilities which previously connected the three wells to the Gannet Alpha platform. These wells are now tied back to the Triton FPSO with a new pipeline. The Gannet E Field is located 2.5km west of the Triton FPSO which minimised the subsea tie-back costs and lowered the overall capex of the redevelopment. Production from the field was achieved on schedule in Q4 2018.

Belinda & Evelyn Field:

The Belinda and Evelyn oil and gas discoveries are located in Block 21/30f approximately 6km south of the Triton FPSO. The Evelyn Field was discovered by Shell in 1984 and Belinda Field was discovered in 1990. These fields are currently under review for a potential tieback to the Triton FPSO.


Bittern Field

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Gannet E Field

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Guillemot West and North West Field

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Belinda & Evelyn Field

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